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Market Research

Work with experts to understand your customers and grow your business. We provide companies, consulting firms and investors with market research and market intelligence solutions, enabling them to make better strategic decisions.

Grow your brand

Unlock the moments that create impact in the mind and in the market. We provide detailed insights into category dynamics and spending patterns, pinpointing opportunities to attract new consumers, build brand desire and market presence.

Customer Experience

We help you identify, optimise and activate the moments that create positive and sustainable emotions along your customer journey and ones that deepen customer loyalty and deliver a bigger ROI.

Know About Africa Matrix

Africa Matrix is an independent firm of consultants operating across Africa in the fields of Market Research and Market intelligence.  The cornerstone of Africa Matrix is its highly qualified and dedicated staff with top educational background and wide professional experience.

Africa Matrix approach to project implementation is based on the thorough understanding of the client requirements, mutual commitment and trust, in-depth capability to present and evaluate alternatives and the delivery of substantiated and comprehensive final results.